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Renewable energies are energy sources that are continually replenished by nature - the sun, the wind, water, biomass and the Earth’s heat. Renewable energy technologies turn these natural energy sources into usable forms of energy - electricity, heat and fuels.
Put your INTELLIGENCE and POWER into a better tomorrow. Start a green career in the clean energy sector. The prospects of finding a decent job are excellent. In Europe, the sector is experiencing strong growth with a corresponding increase in demand for qualified people.
The intelligent energy approach is simple: stop the home leaking heat and then generate energy required with efficient systems. All of the external elements of a home, the ground floor, walls and roof, lose heat.
Getting around is something we do every day but we don’t often stop to think about it. With fossil fuel supplies due to peak, electric railways are the future as they can be powered by large scale renewable energy, from wind farms in the breezy North Sea to solar farms in sunny Spain.


Environmental damage, climate change, renewable energy, energy savings … buzzwords from media and TV. Often heard and easily forgotten about. Our mission: to illuminate, inform and animate; to think and act. Energy Union is a campaign, music tour, party, art and discussion all in one, and it comes together with information, tips & tricks on how to save the planet!

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The Tour is over! Check our YouTube channel and Flickr stream for pics and videos & the Intelligent Energy Playlists. YouTube Channel
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After a successful tour in 2009 and 2010, with more than 20,000 visitors in 21 cities, The Energy Union Tour will join the European Union Sustainable Energy Week 2011 in Brussels for an impressive penultimate event. This will combine the Energy Union Tour Presentation and Networking Dinner at Claridge, as well the Official Closing Party of the 3-day Policy Conference at Mirano Continental on the 14th April featuring Coldcut’s Matt Black (Ninja Tune) and selected Djs.